Living with Bipolar: A Dancer’s Tale

Bridget Zhang is a freelance writer, choreographer, dancer, performer, designer, artist, and photographer. Her work focuses on real life experiences; born in China, her family emigrated to the United States when she was a child. There are many influences that drive her writing; diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder at the age of 15, experiencing emotional and physical abuse, and youthful heartaches. Her adult life has been a quest to find a comprehensive approach to treatment to bring about balance/recovery. As a recovering addict and bipolar disorder, her writing is part of her recovery process. Raised in the Greater Philadelphia/New Jersey area, and currently thriving in New York City.   Her writing observes daily life, exposing vulnerabilities and exploring personal growth through understanding.


When you are happy, you enjoy the dance. But when you are sad, you feel the dance.

This may not be a happy read. Rather, it is the truth of my own mind. Don’t go looking for happy endings. There might not be one here. Do no read with the faint of heart. Read with an open mind for wilderness.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

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